BSC Rank In Custom And Salary 2024

BSC certificate holders who join the custom service has a specific rank which is given to them when they join the service. Just like any other Paramilitary organization in Nigeria, The custom service has divided their ranks according to qualifications. This simply means that the rank which is given to SSCE certificate holders will not be the same with the rank given to HND certificate holders and the same goes to the BSC certificate holders. Now let’s see the BSC Rank In Custom and their appointed salary.

Before we go deeper in explanation, there are few things you need to understand so you will understand everything we are trying to say in details.

Bsc rank in Custom

The first thing you should understand is that the Nigeria Custom service is a paramilitary organization in Nigeria that controls the smuggling of goods and services in the country and they are mostly deployed close to the borders with immigration service Officers. They are among the highest paid Paramilitary agency in Nigeria.

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So now what is the BSC Rank in Custom? Previously on our post on the Custom Salary in Nigeria and ranks, we made mention of a the ranks in the Custom Service including that of the BSC holders. Now in this post, we will only be discussing about the BSC certificate holders ranks.

BSC Rank In Custom

The BSC rank in Custom is Deputy Superintendent of Customs (DSC) and it is the starting rank of the BSC certificate holders before they are promoted to their next rank. One good thing about possessing BSC certificate before joining the Custom service is that you can be able to reach the rank of Assistant Comptroller General of Customs which is the highest rank in the Custom Service. Now let’s discuss about the BSC salary in Custom.

BSC Salary In Custom

The BSC salary in Custom is about ₦1,334,087 – ₦1,652,037 and it is paid depending on the years of service. A BSC holder that just joined the Custom service will not be paid the same salary with the BSC certificate holder that has served for 3 years. That’s why we said it depends on the years of service.

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