Civil Defence Salary For SSCE Holder 2024

Those who have SSCE certificate and are interested in joining the civil Defence also known as NSCDC has been asking this question about civil Defence Salary For SSCE Holder.

If you have been following our articles, we have previously written a post about the Complete Civil Defence Salary 2024 and Ranks. But in this post, we will only be talking about the Civil Defence Salary For SSCE holder.

Civil Defence Salary For SSCE Holder

In Nigeria, the Civil Defence plays a big role by ensuring that there is safety and security in the nation for the citizens. The Civil Defence corps is also referred to as the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

The Importance of the Civil Defence

Before we start taking about the salary of SSCE holders in civil defence, let’s first understand their role and work in the system.

The civil defence in Nigeria serves many different functions, including safeguarding lives and property, protecting critical national infrastructure, preventing and combating acts of terrorism, as well as responding to emergencies such as natural disasters and pandemics. The NSCDC helps maintain peace and harmony in society.

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For those who have successfully completed their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), the NSCDC gives opportunity for them to join the program. Those with higher education qualifications always have higher advantage because they are always placed at higher positions.

The Civil Defence Corps has some certain positions that are for those with an SSCE certificate. The positions includes General Duty, Driver/Mechanic, Artisan/Technician, and other support staff categories. So now, let’s look at the Civil Defence Salary For SSCE Holder.

Civil Defence Salary For SSCE Holder

For SSCE holders who join the Civil Defence Corps, the starting salary can range from ₦35,000 to ₦45,000 per month depending on the specific job category and entry level.

Please also note that there are other allowances attached to the Salaries. You can refer to our previous post on NSCDC salary and Allowances 2024.

When you join the Civil Defence and gain experience, eventually you will be promoted and earnings will also be increased.

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We all know that the starting salary for SSCE holders may be little but, it still serves as a platform for economic stability. What we mean by this is that for those, especially those from poor background searching for a job, The civil defence recruitment can be life changing for them. The monthly salary helps cover basic living expenses and provides the means to support their self and their family

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