EFCC Training Allowance And Duration 2024

The Economic Financial Crime Commission EFCC is a paramilitary organization in which is in charge of fighting crimes in the country. They are one of the highest paid Paramilitary agency in Nigeria. After we wrote a post about the NSCDC training allowances, many people who are interested in joining the EFCC also requested we write about the EFCC training allowance.

Before that, you need to understand somethings about the EFCC and how the training is programed.

The EFCC always recruit new staffs into the commission every year and before they join the commission, they always undergo basic training.

Now the question is what is the EFCC training allowances and how long is the training duration. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about the training allowance and the training duration.

EFCC Training Allowance

The EFCC training allowance for those who joined the commission with SSCE is between N15,000 – N25,000 while those who are gradutes are paid between N20,000 and N35,000 only. Please note that this allowance is only applicable to those who are already on training in the EFCC. The EFCC training allowance is expected to terminate immediately after the training and you will be entitled to the full salary of the EFCC Officers.

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EFCC training allowance

Previously when we wrote about EFCC Salary 2024, we made mention of the training allowance but we never mentioned the figures. We also made mention of the other allowances in the EFCC. You can read our previous post on the EFCC Salary, Ranks and Allowances.

Now we all know how much I paid to those who are on training in the EFCC, Let’s talk about the training duration.

EFCC Training Duration

The EFCC training duration is in two categories. The first category is for those who joined the service with SSCE, ND and NCE certificate while the last second grade is for those who joined the service using HND, BSC or equivalent and Masters.

Generally, The EFCC training duration for SSCE holders is about six months while those with HND or BSC are expected to spend up to a year in training.

For those who still need more information concerning the EFCC training, you can get more information from the EFCC official website

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