Federal Fire Service Guarantor Form 2024 PDF

Fire Service Guarantor Form is the form which is given to fire service applicants who are applying for fire service recruitment so that their guarantors can fill in their information or they can fill it themselves. Before we discuss about the federal fire service guarantor form and how to download it, let’s first understand what the guarantor is all about.

When we talk about guarantor, it means a person who is standing in for someone for any job or anywhere where a guarantor is needed. For example, if you are standing as a guarantor for someone, it means that you knows that person very well and you can stand in for him in case you are called upon.

Fire Service Guarantor form

Please note that someone might not necessarily be related to you before he or she can be your guarantor. So with this we understand that you know what guarantor is all about.

Now talking about the Guarantor Form in the Federal fire service, before you can be recruited into the fire service, you need to present a filled guarantor for which must be signed by the guarantors with their information.

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Please when filling the guarantor’s form, there are few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly,

  1. Complete the Guarantor’s details: This section is where you will enter the details of the person who will be acting as your Guarantor. This usually includes their name, relationship to you, contact details, and the work they are doing which is their profession. Please note that it is very important to verify this information with your Guarantor before writing it down to avoid any kind of mistake.
  2. Describe your relationship with the Guarantor: Secondly, You need to describe your current relationship with the Guarantor. As we said earlier, the guarantor must not necessarily be your brother or sister, it can be anyone that knows you very well and that they can be called upon at anytime and they will answer and talk about you. Please make sure you are honest and clear, specifying how long you have known each other and your relationship.
  3. Provide employment information: This one is common as they will ask you if your guarantor is working and which type of work he is doing. So this section only asks for the current employment details of the guarantor, if applicable. you will need to provide the name of your employer, your position, and length of employment. Please always remember that saying the truth about this information will help you a lot.
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To Download The FFS Guarantor/Referee form, follow the link below


For those who wish to download the form through the Federal fire service official portal, you can also follow the below steps.

How To Download The Federal Fire Service Guarantor Form PDF

To download the Fire Service Guarantor Form, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the federal fire service recruitment portal
  • Register for the position you are applying for.
  • Save and print out the form.
  • The Federal fire service guarantor form comes together with then other personal documents as you have finished your registration.

Please one thing you should also note is that the federal fire service guarantors form can be filled by the applicant or the guarantors themselves.

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