FRSC Training Allowance 2024 And Duration

FRSC Training Allowance is what are about to discuss in this post, that is how much that is paid to FRSC recruits who are under training of becoming FRSC officers. But before we do that, let’s first talk about the this agency and what they stand for.

FRSC which also means Federal Road Safety Corps is paramilitary organization in Nigeria which is in charge of maintaining the law of driving making it possible to reduce accident rate in the country. They are also the ones in charge of issuing driver’s license and vehicle plate numbers.

Previously we wrote about the FRSC Salary, Ranks and Allowances but we never mentioned of the training allowance. The reason is because the FRSC training allowance is only meant for those who are still on training of becoming FRSC officers. So in the actual Sense, they are not yet FRSC officials until they graduate from training.

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One other thing you should note is that once a trainee graduates from training, the training allowance will be stopped immediately and they will be entitled to Salary immediately.


FRSC Training Allowance

Now that we have discussed a little about this agency, let’s now look at the training allowance.

FRSC Training Allowance

FRSC Training Allowance is between N11,000 – N16,000 for those who joined the Agency using SSCE certificate while for those who joined using BSC or HND are paid about N20,000 – 40,000 monthly.

FRSC Training Duration

Now talking about the FRSC training duration, the training duration depends on many factors. For example, those who joined the agency using SSCE certificate trains for the period not more than 6 months before the become full member of FRSC while those who will be commissioned as officers trains for up to 12 months before they graduate.

For those who are not who are joining the Agency with National Diploma or NCE, they are also trained for the period not more than 6 months.

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