ICPC Salary Structure 2024, Ranks And Allowance

ICPC Salary Structure 2024, Ranks And Allowance.

The ICPC which means The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission is an agency in Nigeria which was inaugurated on the 29th of September, 2000 by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The Agency work is to fight corruption in Nigeria just like the EFCC but they have limit. You may not understand what we mean by they have limit if you are not in the system.

ICPC salary

One thing we want you to understand about this agency is that they are totally different from EFCC. Although both of them fights corruption but the EFCC fights corruption in private sectors which the ICPC is only for the public sectors. You can read our previous post on the difference between EFCC and ICPC to understand better of what we are trying to explain.

The ICPC was earlier created To get rid of corruption in Nigeria through lawful enforcement and preventive measures. The Agency has been working hard in the country so I can also tell you that their pay is good as we will be discussing how much is paid to their Officers.

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Because this agency is fighting for A Nigeria free from all forms of corruption and corrupt practices, the Federal government has taken it upon their selves to pay these men just like the EFCC. You can also read about the EFCC salary 2024, Ranks and Allowances to see how handsomely the EFCC are also paid.

Before we talk about the ICPC salary, let’s first see the ranks in the ICPC.

ICPC Ranks is categorized in a way that each qualification has the level and actual rank they are placed. The same way the ranks is categorized, that’s the same way their salary is categorized.

For example, The SSCE holders in the ICPC are given the rank of Assistant Detective (AD). Those who joined the service using National Diploma or NCE certificate, they are placed at the rank of Assistant Chief Detective (ACD). For the BSC and HND certificate holders, they are given the rank of Assistant Director and can be promoted to the highest rank in the ICPC. Below is the complete ranks in the ICPC.

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ICPC Ranks

  • Assistant Detective Superintendent
  • Detective Superintendent
  • Assistant Chief Detective Superintendent
  • Assistant Chief Investigator
  • Chief Investigator
  • Assistant Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Director
  • Assistant Chief Superintendent (Assistant chairman)
  • Chief Superintendent (Chairman)

Now we know all the ranks in the ICPC, let’s now look at the salary structure.

According to the ranks of the ICPC, The ICPC salary for SSCE certificate holders is about N53,000 monthly with other allowances. The National Diploma and NCE certificate holders are paid about N74,000 monthly and some other allowances. The BSC and HND certificate holders are paid up to N125,000 Monthly salary and some other allowances. Below is the complete salary in the ICPC.

ICPC Salary

Rank Salary Position
Assistant Detective Superintendent NGN53,000 Entry-level officer
Detective Superintendent NGN54,500 Entry-level officer
Assistant Chief Detective Superintendent NGN56,000 Entry-level officer
Assistant Chief Investigator NGN63,000 Mid-level officer
Chief Investigator NGN70,500 Mid-level officer
Assistant Director NGN80,500 Senior-level officer
Deputy Director NGN92,000 Senior-level officer
Director NGN105,000 Senior-level officer
Assistant Chairman NGN120,500 Senior-level officer
Chairman NGN138,500 Top-level officer

The above table shows the breakdown of the salary of the ICPC Officers and their rank. Apart from the basic salary which is mentioned above, the agency are also paid some other allowances which we are going to be discussing below.

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ICPC Allowances

Many people don’t know that there are other take away bonuses that is meant for the ICPC Officers just like other agencies in Nigeria. Apart from their basic salary, the take away bonuses they go home is almost #200,000 when calculated. Below is some of the allowances paid to ICPC Officers in Nigeria.

  • Training Allowance
  • Parking Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Maintenance Allowance
  • Accomodation Allowance

The allowances mentioned above are likely to be the allowance which you can get as a member of this agency.

Please note that our research may not actually be totally true as this article is written based on our research about the agency. If you have any questions or contributions concerning the ICPC salary, Ranks and Allowances, you can use the comment section to as your questions or send us a direct message using the contact form below our website page.

To find out more about the ICPC, you can visit the ICPC official website

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