Immigration Salary For SSCE And Rank 2024

Immigration Salary For SSCE And Rank 2024.

Those with SSCE certificate who wants to join the Nigeria Immigration service will like to know how much is paid is paid to them. The good thing about the Nigeria immigration Service is that they start paying their members right from training, this simply means before you even graduate from training with your SSCE you are entitled to the Nigeria Immigration Training Allowance.

Please note that the training allowance will stop immediately you finish your basic training in the Immigration service and they will resume your normal payment as a full member of the Immigration service.

Immigration Salary For SSCE

Now let’s talk about the Immigration Salary For SSCE And Rank 2024.

Immigration Salary For SSCE

The Immigration Salary For SSCE Certificate holders is about N40,000 to N95,000 monthly. This is because as you spend more years in service, that is the same way your salary increases. This simply means that those who joined the service with SSCE certificate and have served in the Job for about some years are to be paid higher than those who just joined the Job and have not served for a long time.

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SSCE Rank In Immigration

The Nigeria Immigration service has a rank which is meant for those who join the service using SSCE certificate holders.

The SSCE Rank In Immigration is Passport Officer and this is the least rank in the Immigration service as SSCE is the least qualification you can use to secure a job in the Immigration service.

Please note that the rank of passport Officer in the Immigration service is just the starting rank of the SSCE certificate holders as they will always grow in rank once they spend some certain amount of years in service.

Joining the immigration Service with SSCE certificate is the most challenging recruitment in the Nigeria immigration Service as you will always be the most Junior in the force.

One important thing to note is that you can equally upgrade once you have an higher certificate like HND or BSC. By then your rank and salary will be increased. You can read about the Immigration Salary 2024 and ranks to see how much that is paid to all ranks in the Immigration service.

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To apply for the Immigration service, You can visit the Nigerian immigration Service official website to apply.

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