Immigration Salary With Diploma And Rank 2024

What Is the immigration salary with diploma certificate? This is one of the things those who have national diploma certificate and have interest in joining the immigration service do ask. In this post we will be discussing the immigration salary with diploma and also the immigration rank with diploma.

What we mean by immigration salary with diploma and rank is the salary that will be paid to you in the service when you join them using diploma certificate and the rank which will also be given to you when you join the service. Now before we explain further concerning that, we need to understand the task of the immigration service and how they operate.

The Immigration service is one of the Paramilitary organization in Nigeria. This particular organization is in charge of issuing visit and fighting illegal immigration. They are the highest paid Paramilitary agency in Nigeria presently.

Immigration Salary With Diploma

To join this organization, you need to have either BSC or equivalent, HND, ND, NCE or SSCE which is the lowest rank which you can use in getting a job in the Immigration service. As the qualifications is different, so their salary and rank is different. In our previous post, we wrote about the NCE rank and salary in immigration service and we also wrote about HND rank and salary in immigration service. If you also want to see the complete ranks and and Salary that is available in the Immigration service, you can refer to our previous post on the Nigeria immigration salary 2024 and ranks. So now let’s discuss about the Immigration Salary With Diploma and the rank which is given to them.

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Immigration Salary With Diploma

The immigration salary with diploma is is between N65,000 and N85,000 monthly and the salary is paid based on the years of service. A fresh National diploma certificate holder that just joined the agency is expected to receive about N65,000 monthly.

Apart from the main salary that is paid to National Diploma certificate holders, their trainees are also entitled to training allowance that is paid to them while on training. You can read about the Nigeria Immigration Training Allowance to learn more about that. Now let’s talk about the immigration service ranks for national diploma certificate holders.

National Diploma Rank In Immigration

The National Diploma rank in immigration is the Assistant Inspector Of Immigration (AII). This is the first rank you get as a national diploma certificate holder in immigration before you can be promoted to the next rank.

It is also important for you know that with the National Diploma certificate, you can’t reach the highest rank in the immigration service expect you have to upgrade your self by getting BSC or equivalent.

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