NCE Rank In Civil Defence And Salary 2024 (NSCDC)

The NCE holders are not left out in the Civil Defence recruitment. NCE certificate holders who join the Civil Defence are always placed at certain rank and they are also paid different salary. In this post we will be discussing about the NCE Rank in Civil Defence and salary that is paid to them.

Civil Defence which is known as NSCDC is part of the Paramilitary organization in Nigeria which helps in fighting crimes in some rural areas in the country. They are always deployed alongside other paramilitary agencies even the military.

Mostly, The NSCDC Officers are deployed close to the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police. What ranks is given to civil Defence NCE holders? Read on as we will explain all in details below.

NCE Rank In Civil Defence

The NCE Rank In Civil Defence is Assistant Cadre also known as (AC). NCE Certificate holders in Civil Defence are always placed at level 6. Note that they will always be promoted to the next rank immediately they reach the required years of duty.

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Now we know the ranks of civil Defence NCE holders, let’s talk about how much that is paid to to them as salary.

NCE Salary In Civil Defence

The NCE Salary in Civil Defence is between ₦35,188 and ₦45,188 depending on the years of service. For example, those who have served for 3 years with NCE certificate are to be paid higher than those who are just a year in the service.

Please note that there is a required years you are supposed to serve before you will be promoted to the next rank.


For those who wants to know how much is paid to the civil Defence Officers and their ranks, we have written a post about the Civil Defence Salary 2024 and ranks.

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