NCE Rank In immigration And Salary 2024

NCE Rank in immigration and the salary which they are being paid is one of the important questions those who are interested in joining the immigration Service with NCE certificate always ask. After we wrote about the HND rank in Immigration and Salary, many of our readers has sent some messages requesting to know the NCE Ranks and Salary in Immigration.

The Immigration Service is one of the Paramilitary organization in currently have in Nigeria and it’s one of the dream job of many Nigerians as they are currently the highest paid Paramilitary organization in Nigeria.

Previously, we have written a post about the Immigration Salary and Ranks, but in this post, we will be be looking at the NCE Rank immigration and Salary.

NCE Rank in immigration

NCE Rank In Immigration

The NCE Rank In Immigration is Assistant Inspector Of Immigration also known as (AII). When you have the rank of Assistance Inspector Of Immigration, You will be placed at level 6. Note that you can still be promoted above the rank as time goes on depending on your qualifications.

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NCE Salary In Immigration

The NCE Salary in Immigration is between N65,000 and N100,000 depending on the years of service. Those who joined the immigration Service newly with NCE certificate are paid about N65,000 while those who have served for some years are paid up to N100,000 depending on the years of service.

The Immigration Service may decide to upgrade or reduce this payment at any time, but once there is any update or decrease, we will immediately update our post.

Also note that the Immigration Service also have what is called allowances which also paid to their workers apart from the main salary. They also have what is called Immigration Training Allowance, this one is only meant for those who are under training. For other immigration allowances, you can check our previous post on the Immigration Service Ranks, Salary and Allowances.

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