Nigeria Police Training Allowance 2024 And Duration (NPF)

The Nigeria Police Training Allowance is what we will be discussing in this post. But before we discuss about that, let’s first explain somethings you need to know concern the NPF Training Allowance.

The Nigeria Police Force is one of the Paramilitary organization in we have in Nigeria. They are responsible of protecting the citizens and maintaining law and order in the country.

The Nigeria Police force have a salary structure that is meant for them including allowance. You can read on our previous post on the Nigerian Police Ranks, Salary and Allowance. Apart from the salary and Allowances which is paid to the Police force, they are also entitled to what is called training allowance.


Nigeria Police Training Allowance

The Nigeria Police Training allowance is only meant for those who are not yet fully taken in the police force. They are still undergoing police training in the Nigerian Police Training ground. Below is the Nigerian Police training allowance.

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Nigeria Police Training Allowance

The Nigeria Police training allowance for those who joined the police using SSCE certificate is between N10,000 and N13,000 while the training allowance for graduates is between N18,000 and N25,000.

One other thing you should note is that once you graduate from the training, the Nigerian Police force will immediately cut off the training allowance as they immediately commence the payment of your normal salary.

Who Is Entitled To The NPF Training Allowance?

All trainees who are under training in the Nigerian Police force is entitled to the training allowance.

Nigeria Police Training Duration

The Nigeria Police force training for the police about 6 months while those who are joining as a graduate may have to train up to 12 months before they are commissioned into the Nigerian Police force.

Those who went to the Nigerian Police Academy (Polac) trains up to 5 years before they are commissioned in the the Nigerian Police Force.

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