NSCDC Training Allowance 2024 And Duration

NSCDC training allowance is just like any other Paramilitary organization training allowance only that there is a little difference in the amount that is paid to each organization.

Civil Defence is a very strong paramilitary organization in Nigeria which has made name for itself by their gallant duties and responsibilities they take all the time. They mostly work in conjunction with the Nigerian Police.

When we wrote about the Civil Defence Salary Ranks And Allowance, we did mention about the allowance that is paid to NSCDC but we never mentioned the Civil Defence Training Allowance. The reason is that the civil Defence training allowance is only paid to those who are on training.

What I mean that it’s for those who are under training is that it is paid to those who have not fully joined the Agency. They are still undergoing training to become a full member of the NSCDC. Now let’s look at the training allowance paid to the the Civil Defence trainees.

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NSCDC training allowance

Another thing you should know is that the NSCDC Training Allowance is paid according to qualifications. Let me explain better. Those who are undergoing Training and they joined with BSC certificate are to be paid higher than those that joined using SSCE certificate.

NSCDC Training Allowance

NSCDC training allowance is currently between N12,000 to 40,000 Naira every month and it depends on the qualification.

If you are SSCE certificate holder your training allowance is expected to be between N12,000 and N15,000 as it is the lowest qualification you can use to secure a job in Civil Defence.

Those who are with ND and NCE certificate a expected to receive a training allowance between N15,000 and N25,000 while those with BSC and HND certificate are paid N25,000 and above as Training Allowance.

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NSCDC Training Duration

NSCDC training duration also depends on the qualification you are training with. Those who are training to become commissioned officers spend up to 12 months before they are commissioned into the service.

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Those who joined using SSCE, NCE and ND train up to 6 months before they become full member of the NSCDC.

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