Police And Army Salary In Nigeria 2024

The Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Army are always working together even though they are not working under the same command. The Nigerian Army is part of the Nigerian Military while the Nigerian Police is part of the Paramilitary organizations in Nigeria. So the question is what is the police and Army Salary in Nigeria? Don’t worry we will explain everything you need to know concerning the Army and Police salary in Nigeria.

If you have been following our website, you would have noticed that we have written a post concerning the Nigerian Police Salary 2024 and the Nigerian Army Salary 2024 which means you are not supposed to be asking this question because everything has been explained I’m details concerning how much these security agencies are being paid as Salary.

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria

Because the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police Force does not have any Equivalent in terms of ranks, their salaries don’t also have any relationship joining the so we will be explaining them differently. We will first start with the Nigerian Police Force Salary and then the Nigerian Army Salary.

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Nigerian Police Force Salary

Rank Salary (monthly)
Inspector General of Police ₦1,234,450.00
Deputy Inspector General of Police ₦846,572.80
Assistant Inspector General of Police ₦699,751.90
Commissioner of Police ₦502,970.50
Deputy Commissioner of Police ₦378,852.80
Assistant Commissioner of Police ₦212,938.20
Chief Superintendent of Police ₦199,723.96
Superintendent of Police ₦172,089.06
Deputy Superintendent of Police ₦170,399.70
Assistant Superintendent of Police ₦156,318.39
Inspector of Police ₦87,135.10
Sergeant Major ₦62,204.88
Sergeant ₦55,973.90
Corporal ₦53,113.60
Constable ₦48,113.60

That’s for the Nigerian Police. Now let’s see the Salary of the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Salary

  1. Second Lieutenant – N120,000
  2. Lieutenant – N180,000
  3. Captain – N220,000
  4. Major – N300,000
  5. Lieutenant Colonel – N350,000
  6. Colonel – N550,000
  7. Brigadier General – N750,000
  8. Major General – N950,000
  9. Lieutenant General – N1 million
  10. General – N1.5 million

For Non Commissioned Officers, their salaries are as follows:

  1. Private – N50,000
  2. Lance Corporal – N57,000
  3. Corporal – N60,000
  4. Sergeant – N70,000
  5. Staff Sergeant – N80,000
  6. Warrant Officer – N95,000
  7. Master Warrant Officer – N120,000
  8. Army Warrant Officer – N180,000

Apart from the salary of the, They are also entitled to some other allowances like the training allowance, Uniform Allowance, Operation allowance and many others. You can read about the Nigerian Police training allowance or the Nigerian Army training allowance.

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To see the complete allowances in the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police, read our previous post about the Nigerian Army Salary 2024, Ranks and Allowances and the Nigerian Police Salary 2024, Ranks and Allowances.

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