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US Air Force Portal (United States Air Force Portal)

Us Air Force Portal is what many people who want to get more information about the US AirForce or those who want to join the US Air force normally ask. The United  State Air Force has only one Official website where you can get information about the United States Air force or for the Air Force recruitment. Not only that, The US AF Portal delivers the latest breaking news and information on the U.S. Air Force including top stories, and features. Unlike many other countries with different portals for a different purpose, The US AF Portal is for All-purpose. Before we get down to the United States  Air force Portal,  Let’s discuss what is available on the US AF Portal.

US Air Force Portal

For those who are interested in joining the US AirForce Academy, Please Note that there is a different portal for the United States Airforce Academy. You can read how to join the US Airforce Academy.

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When you log in to the US AirForce Portal,  You are likely to see much-breaking news concerning the US AirForce, both National And International.


The US AirForce Portal also contains the features of the US Air Force.


You are likely to see many videos of the current and past activities of the United States AirForce uploaded on their portal.


As you see many videos uploaded on the portal, You will also see some pictures of the activities of the US AirForce.

You can as well learn about How to Join the Air Force, US Air force Pay and Benefits, Education, and Mission. Even the careers in US Air Force. And You can also learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers, and health care professionals.

The United States Air Force Portal

The US Air Force Official Portal is

This is the only official US AirForce Portal.

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Please also note that when you see Any Word AF Portal, They are also Referring to the United States AirForce Portal.

That means you can still call the “AirForce Portal” the AF Portal.

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