Military ranks of Nigeria

Military Ranks Of Nigeria, Equivalent And Salary 2024

When we talk about military ranks of Nigeria, we are talking about the the Nigerian Army ranks, Nigerian Navy ranks and the Nigerian Air Force ranks. The Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force are the three branches of the military and they have equivalent of ranks among them. This simply means that any rank you […]

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria 2024

The Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Army are always working together even though they are not working under the same command. The Nigerian Army is part of the Nigerian Military while the Nigerian Police is part of the Paramilitary organizations in Nigeria. So the question is what is the police and Army Salary in […]

Difference between Tradesmen and Non Tradesmen

Difference Between Tradesmen And Non Tradesmen In The Nigerian Army

Difference between Tradesmen and Non Tradesmen In the Nigerian Army is one of the questions those who are joining the Nigeria Army regular recruits intake normally ask. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about the Nigeria Army Tradesmen and the Nigeria Army Non Tradesmen. What Is The Nigerian Army Tradesmen? […]

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Rank

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Rank And Salary 2024

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Rank And Salary 2024. The Nigerian Air Force is part of the Nigerian Military Which is in charge of protecting the Nigerian territory through the Air. The Nigerian Air Force as has a type of recruitment known as the Nigerian Air Force DSSC. The DSSC simply means Direct Short Service. Those […]

Nigerian Navy DSSC Rank

Nigerian Navy DSSC Rank And Salary 2024

What is the rank of DSSC Officers who join the Nigerian Navy? This is one of the questions which keeps coming to us and we are going to give you the Nigerian Navy DSSC Rank And how much they are being paid. This question started coming when we wrote about the Nigerian Army DSSC Rank […]

Nigerian Army DSSC Rank

Nigerian Army DSSC Rank And Salary 2024

The Nigerian Army DSSC which means Direct Short Service is a type of commission in the Nigerian Army used to recruit graduates into the Nigerian Army. If you are not a graduate, you won’t be able to join the Nigerian Army through the DSSC. Now let’s look at the Nigerian Army DSSC Rank. Please note […]

Difference between DSSC and SSC

Difference Between DSSC And SSC In The Nigerian Army

The difference between DSSC and SSC is what many people who are interested in joining the Nigerian Army has been asking. Before we talk about the difference between this two words, we need to first of all understand the meaning of them and it will make it easier for you to understand. The word DSSC […]

Nigerian Army 86rri Shortlist

Nigerian Army 86rri Shortlist 2024/2025 (PDF)

The Nigerian Army has released the list of shortlisted candidates for the 86Rri recruitment exercise. If you have successfully applied and your name is among the Nigerian Army 86rri Shortlist, congratulations. The next step is to report to the Nigerian Army training ground Depot Nigerian Army in Zaria Kaduna where the real men are made. […]

Nigerian Navy Batch 36

Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment 2024/2025 – Apply Now

The Nigerian Navy batch 36 Recruitment is what is on board right now after the completion of the previous recruitment. The Nigerian Navy recruitment is open to both male and female who met the nigerian navy recruitment requirements. The Nigeria Navy online registration of NNBTS Batch 36 Recruitment Exercise will be open from Tuesday, 2 […]